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A ​Resident Owned 55+ Community
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About the Indianwood Golf & Country Club Community

Indianwood is a 55+ Resident Owned Co-op located in beautiful Indiantown Florida.


Contact: Wallie Jean Caldwell, REALTOR @ 603-479-4311 (cell) 
or 772-597-2150 with Indiantown Realty Corp: as Indianwood site manager, 
& East Coast Mobile Home Sales as a Sales Associate.
Wallie has lived in Indianwood for over 24+ years and has extensive knowledge of the community. Wallie has been selling homes in Indianwood for over 15+ years.
In addition, Wallie is an avid golfer and can answer any questions you may have about Indianwood's golf course. 



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What is a Co-op?

​A Co-op is a group of people joined together for the purpose of owning and operating a community for the benefit of its members on a not-for-profit basis.  Each member owns one share in the corporation.  Co-ops are democratically managed:  one home, one vote.  There are many benefits of living in a co-op, which include control of the lot rent, lifetime security, repairs and maintenance are done as soon as needed, liability protection and a strong sense of community.  In Indianwood, once a share is purchased, a monthly maintenance fee of $300 is all that is owed to the Co-op.

Share Purchase*

All households are welcome to become shareholders. *Note: this option has been suspended, at this time.  Once a share is purchased, the shareholder will receive a 99-year Occupancy Agreement that allows the right to occupy a certain lot.

​Lot Rental 

Of course, you may buy the home and become a lot renter with a lease that will be subject to annual rent increases.  In Indianwood, lot rent is paid on a monthly basis.  Current market rent prices range from $695 to $895 per month.

Wallie Jean Caldwell, REALTOR
Sheila May, REALTOR

Contact: Sheila May, REALTOR @ 772-597-1700 with Indiantown Realty Corp 
& East Coast Mobile Home Sales as a Sales Associate.  Sheila has lived & has been selling homes in Indianwood for over 18 years. Sheila is always available to answer any questions you may have pertaining to any aspect of the Community.  

Contact: Samuel May, MH Broker, East Coast Mobile Home Sales 
Sales Associate @772-403-3975.
Sam has lived & has been selling homes in Indianood for over 19 years. 
Sam's experience is extensive starting from the intial set-up of New Homes 
& General Sales. All questions welcomed.
Samuel May, MH Broker & Sales